Thursday, January 28, 2010


I love Mel Gipson Movies. Braveheart, The Patriot and We were soldiers are three on my top 20 list of all time favorites. I know I’m a boy and run from chick flicks like OJ with a white Bronco but a properly spun tale of a victorious warrior makes my baby leap.

There is this scene is the Amazing movie “We were soldiers” where Sam Elliot steps out of Tombstone and into the Vietnamese jungle long enough to yell “Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves!” Everybody starts fixing their bayonets because out there in the fog they can hear the approaching enemy in full advance, ready to slaughter.

The few seconds before the enemy comes into view seems like an eternity as the young americans prepare to take action against an unseen and hostile enemy force. Its my favorite scene, and sometimes I need to hear the gravely voice of Sam Elliot scream at me to take the moment I am in very seriously and prepare to take extreme action.

A Call To Arms

As Christians we are not just the Bride of Christ but in fact we are a warrior bride. We are worshipping warriors and warrior poets like that guy in the bible who removed that nasty ten gallon head from the neck of a very unclean philistine Giant with serious hygiene issues.

we are Ambassadors instructed to engage the arenas of this world without taking citizenship with the foreign land we are visiting. Yes we are disciples but But Discipleship is not a free expedition. You and I are going to have to accomplish something. We need to really make a difference while we are still able to do something.

As A guy that serves as senior leader in several ministries here at home and on a few other continents, I have noticed something about most of the arm chair quarterbacks who constantly criticize how people like me are moving forward -They don’t. Arm Chair Quarterbacks live couch potato lifestyles and sit on their blessed assurance.

But that is not you. This is a year for you to accomplish great vision but you get when so many others simply forget. Accomplishing vision is all about fulfilling Gods heart

Prepare Your Mind For Action

American Christians are full of great revelation and insight of the scriptures and sadly tend to be content with a head full of thoughts. Revelation by its self has little value but in fact should lead to an amazing experience. With revelation comes responsibility to live out what you got a glimpse of

About 1500 years before Jesus, God would trust a guy named Moses with a critical part of an amazing plan. The thing. to me, that made Moses special is not just that he was willing to go back to Egypt and come home with a million x-slaves but something much, much more amazing. Moses went to the mountain and had an amazing encounter with God but unlike most actually took action and carried out the plan to build the tabernacle, even after he was surrounded by knuckleheads.

Leaders accomplish Vision. Jesus was always about carrying out Vision. In fact, the last words He spoke while on the cross were “IT IS FINISHED!”

So lets be Christ like this years and actually accomplish what is in our hearts to do. God is just asking you to take charge of things, He is asking you to take action and responsibility.

Luke 12:50
But I have a baptism to be baptized with; and how am I straitened till it be accomplished!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Lessons on honor from the septic tank

Most folks in Texas live in an area like me where you have to have a septic tank. Ever so often, depending on how many teenage boys you have in the house, you have to call a reputable “environmental service” to come out with a giant pump and clean it out.

It’s really not a pretty process but it’s something which absolutely must be done and must be done right. The kind of people who own these businesses tend to be working class, family operations with lots of drive and generally a good sense of humor. They take the service they provide very seriously without taking themselves very seriously and I like that. This is what’s behind the funny slogans you see on their trucks.

“A royal flush beats a full house” or “We’re #1 in the #2 business”. I saw a septic pumping truck in town that said something like “Caution: This truck is filled with political promises” Yes that’s crude but it’s really funny. Then again so is their business.

So once a year when my toilets back up, I make it a point to go outside and talk to the guy who makes my world a better place. About a month back, I called my favorite Yuck Truck and right on time he pulled up sounding like an M1 Abrams tank. We both stood over the concrete hole in my backyard and talked about life in general like only men can do.

Friends in Low Places

Low and behold, this man was a guy I knew as a kid. We had seen each other at various parties back in what I refer to as my B.C. days. The last time I saw him I was wearing a Toga and cowboy boots singing with the Saint Pauli girl. Here we were twenty five years later standing over the same septic tank. “I worked in the oil field for a long time”, he told me “ I got out of there because the only way you can be promoted in the oil field is to shake hands and to kiss butt and I’m not going to kiss anybody’s butt.” He made this speech of defiance as he looked me in the eye and pumped out my septic tank. I was thinking, what’s wrong with this picture?

A few days later I couldn’t quit thinking about what my friend had said and I prayerfully considered the importance of honoring the right people. Donald Trump knows the importance of strategic relationships and the kind of people he needs to be connected with. Rich people understand this principle and those of us that are typical Texans tend to reject it like a Boy George song.

For those of us in the Kingdom, we must learn the diplomacy of what it means to be an ambassador for Christ. This is not just behavior; it’s a condition of the heart we must be willing to yield to. Honor produces upgrade. Honor brings opportunity. Honor brings favor. Let’s be honorable people and partner with how God wants to upgrade our lives this year.

A man's gift makes room for him and brings him before great men.

Proverbs 18:16

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Burning Bridges

When Sam Houston took 910 frontiersmen onto the San Jacinto battlefield, they faced a professional army and superior numbers that had recently pillaged and murdered anyone who opposed them. While Houston’s men were rugged outdoors men, they were no match for the educated generals and trained solders of the Mexican army. It was April 21st, 1836 and for more than a month, Houston had been chased by this army of 3000-5000 men across several hundred miles of unforgiving Texas badlands.

Remember the Alamo

The army at their heels had a nasty reputation for proficient and ruthless killing. This was the very same army which had besieged the Alamo and killed the 180 men who defended it. They mutilated their bodies for sport and burned such great men as David Crocket and William Travis beyond recognition. Just over the rise from Houston’s view and only about 1000 yards away was the same terrible tyrant who had ordered the execution of all those men plus the men at Goliad.

Remember Goliad

Fannin and his men at Goliad were prisoners of war and were helpless when Santa Anna ordered them to be massacred. Fannin had personally petitioned Santa Anna that if he was to be executed that he would not be shot in the face, his personal items be sent to his children and that he should have a Christian burial. Santa Anna obliged Fannin by having the firing squad shoot him directly into the face, stealing his property and then had his body burned with the other 500 prisoners of war.

As Houston prepared to take his men into battle he knew all too well that this was the only army left to represent 40,000 people and the new government called Texas.
If this one battle was lost, so would the war be lost. He knew what would happen to the families of all these men if they failed. He knew what would happen to any survivors of the battle if they lost. They could not loose.

So just before He pointed his sword towards the enemy and rode his literal white horse into the fray, he took note of the place where this battle was about to be fought. The San Jacinto and Buffalo River surrounded the battleground and the only way off the Island was by two small bridges behind them. Houston turned to a man hard of hearing named Deaf Smith and ordered. “Burn the bridges!”. There was no going back and there would be no more delay. It was going to happen today and everyone had to be totally committed to victory.

Forget the Past

That’s where you and I stand today. It’s a brand new year and a new season in your life. The lord works a different and exciting new purpose in every new season of life and sometimes we have to ram our destiny down the devil’s throat like Houston went after Santa Anna. Sometimes you have to burn bridges and say there is no going backward, only forward. We have to be totally committed to victory and put aside all delay.

With every new beginning comes a new goal and a new requirement for commitment to victory. I want to encourage you to decide that there is no way you are going to be outclassed by your opposition this year. Burns bridges and decide you are the winner God has called you to be. The prevailing attitude of heaven is that your destiny is much greater than your history. So go it my friends!

“Do not remember the former things, Nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it?” Isaiah 43:18-19

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Knight to Remember

My father in law, Ray Knight, had been going down hill for sometime but he told all of us he would do his best to live to see Christmas. Hospice wasn’t so sure, but Ray insisted he would be there for the annual celebration and family get together. He was bound and determined he knew exactly when he would be leaving Texas and entering Heaven.

“Sometime after Christmas and before the New year”, Ray said smiling, like he always did.

There’s a neat thing that happens in my wife’s family where people tend to know when their days are done. Ray’s Grandfather was one of those guys and probably the most pronounced with this gift.

Grandpa Knight was well in his nineties when he decided to build his church a new building. “It will take me about two years”, he said, “and the first service we are going to have in it will be my funeral.”

Just like he promised, he finished his building two years later. Now what happened next is legendary in his church and among our family. Grandpa Knight went home that day, called his son, put on a suit, and climbed into bed and died! The very first service was indeed his funeral service just like he prophesied.

His Grandson, my wife’s dad, had some of that in him. When I walked into his room on Christmas day he was excited about having a very real white Christmas. He was feeling good and in a great mood.

“Well, you did it Ray, you made it to Christmas like you said you would.” I said, as I helped him set up to eat. “You think you will make it to New Years?”

“No I’m not gonna be here for New Years.” He said smiling.

“Come on Ray, you look great today, you look better than I do.” and Ray never missed a beat, “I always look better than you do.”

Later that night after we had all gone home, Ray went unconscious and past away on the morning of the 27th. Like Babe Ruth calling his shot, Ray Knight hit it out the ballpark by knowing the right time.

All of us will cherish that white Christmas as Ray’s last day with us. I especially appreciate the opportunity we had to say our goodbyes and to pray together. It is only fitting that I tell you what scripture he told my wife was his favorite on Christmas day. There is some wisdom in it for all of us.

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom" (Psalm 90:12).

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Friday, January 1, 2010

The Tenth Time Around.

If you would have known you were going to live to see 2010 you might of taken better care of yourself. I remember being a little kid and thinking we would be shooting ray guns, driving hover crafts and having our robots clean the house by this time. The New Year is here and with it comes the promise of renewal and the hope of new beginnings. I love this time of year and this one is the tenth of our new millennium and Century.

Being a fairly hip bible thumper I have noticed a pattern throughout the scriptures in hw God uses numbers. two years ago, I finally finished my book on the subject and got it published. It’s called numbers that Preach. Now I don’t believe there is any power in numbers but I do believe there is perfect Order in how things work and that is exactly what the number ten represents. –Perfect Order.

According to the pattern in the scriptures this number has to do with time lines and how God carries out a plan in perfect order. It’s the number where God reveals His plan and sets things in order according to that plan.

Ten is all about the Kingdom. Perfect order is simply defined as Christ the head. When Jesus is our homeboy and co pilot we are way out of order. It is only when He is our KING and Apex of who we are that Perfect order is established. This is probably the reason that the first time we see the word KINGDOM in the bible, it is found in none other than Genesis 10:10.

When God wants to launch a new campaign of reminding us who the boss is, He tends to preach through the number 10. That’s why when Pharaoh thought he was God over the Israelites, God gave him TEN Plagues. That’s why when the Jews decided they would be God over their lives, He gave them TEN Commandments. I would rather have Ten Commandments than ten plagues, by the way.

We find that Noah was the Tenth generation from Adam and that’s when God showed up to remind the world that He was the boss, setting everything back into order again.

Ten Little Injuns

Other examples Of Ten In Scripture look like this; King David was the tenth in line from Judah. (Ruth 4:18-22) Abraham was the tenth in line from Noah. The Ten Commandments are found in Exodus 20 and that’s 10 x 2 by the way.

Under the Law, a tithe, one tenth, belonged to the Lord. God can’t bless your finances if your money is building a personal empire that competes with His Kingdom. This is a great year to put God first in everything. .

In Genesis chapter one the Phrase “God said” shows up exactly Ten times. Perfect order comes from living according to the Master’s word.

Fire comes down from Heaven Ten Times.

(Gen 19:24, Leviticus 9:24, Leviticus 10:2, Numbers 11:1, Numbers 16:35, 1st Kings 18:38, 1st Kings 1:10, 1st Kings 1:12, 1st Chronicles 21:26, 2nd Chronicles 7:1)

That’ll put things in the right perspective.

There are Ten Kingdom parables in Matthew. There are the 10 “I ams” of Christ in John.

You have Ten fingers and your hands represent your work and what you build.. Your work belongs to God so don’t get that out of order.

And build an altar unto the LORD thy God upon the top of this rock, in the ordered place…Judges 6:26

You have Ten Toes and your feet represent how you walk with God and advance. The Life you walk belongs to God. Don’t get that out of order.

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delights in his way.

Psalms 37:23

So I’m saying 2010 is a great year for things that have been in full tilt to start working the way they were supposed to. This is a good year for you and The Lord Himself has ordered something special your way.

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