Thursday, November 18, 2010


The weather has changed. All of us fat people rejoice at cooler temperatures as my angelic weather vein points north from the roof of my house. While the digits on the thermometer fall I also become aware of my nasal cavity like no other time of year. The wind is blowing and so is my nose.

I don’t know what has happened. I used to not be allergic to anything. I turned 40 years old about 4 years ago, and now I have to reach for my glasses as I fumble down the hall to the bathroom several times in the night while having a sneezing fit. What the heck?!

When I was a kid I used to make fun of my good friend Robert Copeland because he would have these horrific allergy attacks. He would sneeze for ten minutes without stopping. I would laugh my head off. Today, I cry as I sneeze my head off and repent for ever laughing at my life long friend.

The Mayo clinic, which has nothing to do with mayonnaise, says an allergy is an exaggerated immune response or reaction to substances that are generally not harmful. Its the whole “generally not harmful” thing that gets me. This week’s cup of Jehovah Java comes Brewing with an allergic reaction warning.

A Head full of Yuck

We are being conditioned in our culture these days to generally take in things that we never would of tolerated before. The point and click nature of Porn for example is teaching an entire generation to have no respect for intimacy and to see anything sexual as selfish, controlling, and even hateful. Rape scenes are becoming common in mainstream entertainment and the masses have no allergic reaction because its nothing compared to what they are privately watching.

When I went to the Department of Public Safety website and found the map for registered sex offenders there were no less than 35 within a three mile radius of my house. One labeled as “High Risk” three houses down from my own. These are not people molesting their kids and preying on teenagers, these are people who have been caught and convicted of sexual deviancy. The actual number is much higher.

I don’t think for one second that any of these people grew up wanting to be child molesters or pedophiles. I just think they slowly conditioned themselves to consider those things generally not harmful that make the rest of us have a terrible reaction. You can not tell me pornography didn't have a huge part of that desensitizing process. There are people right now, who after long term exposure to that kind of filth, will cease to have a terrible reaction at the thought of abusing a woman or exploiting a child. Porno is getting into our heads and being shoved down our throats like the alien did John Hurt back in 1980, meanwhile America yawns.

If you are someone struggling with this kind of issue, I want to encourage you to seek help now. At what ever level pornography has you, there is a level of grace from God to overcome that mess. Make a stand for your family, your self and even your walk with God and turn away while you still can.

...But sin didn't, and doesn't, have a chance in competition with the aggressive forgiveness we call grace. Romans 5:20 (The Message)


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